In a great value

They're also comfortable. I haven't been lucky enough to actually tour in these shoes yet, but the sole has proven stiff enough for great power transfer on shorter rides, and the upper, a mix of real and synthetic leathers and mesh, feels good. The closure system is a mix of laces and hook-and-loop straps; I've found, in four years with a higher-end Lake shoe, that this offers a great fit, because you can adjust both the laces and the straps infinitely to your liking. The only drawback: the laces sometimes snag on the hook and loop, leading to a tangle. My narrow, finicky feet have led me to believe that this is an acceptable tradeoff, though. All in all, for the low price, this versatile cycling shoe is a great value.

Lake calls this a touring shoe, and it's well suited to that task. More importantly, it looks, as my 10-year-old said, "Cooool," so as you pedal and walk through new lands, you won't look dorky. Functionally the shoe is outstanding for a variety of riding. It has huge piece of rubber on the heel and in a horseshoe shape around the cleat. To quote my husband, "Look at all that stuff!" It doesn't interfere with walking-in fact, it provides a bouncy, cushion with great traction-and it helps protect your cleats by keeping them off the ground. And the fiberglass-and-nylon sole is plenty stiff for pedaling power.

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