Waterproof jacket

Donning the Triton, it feels rather lightweight. Shift claims that this is its warmest jacket, so we gave the Triton the benefit of doubt. Turns out that the Triton does a pretty good job of blocking out the wind—especially to the body's core. The hook and loop overlap that covers the front zipper practically guarantees that wind doesn't creep in. The collar area fit slightly loose on our testers, allowing a small breeze to creep in, but your mileage may vary.

The climate has only gotten as low as the 40s in the Los Angeles area but even as such, riding with the Triton has left us comfortable. Unless you're wearing electric clothing, if you ride long enough cold air will penetrate virtually every jacket. It did with the Triton as well, but it was nothing that a light layer underneath couldn't handle. The Triton was definitely meant for a cool autumn morning instead of a dreary winter night, but Shift makes no claims that this jacket was meant for the Arctic Tundra. That hunch is further supported by the large zippered vents on both sides of the jacket. Lastly, despite the fact that we don't get much rain here, we have gotten a few showers lately and the jacket has proven to keep us dry during the rains this region has experienced.

Two exterior pockets and one interior pocket are enough to hold items like phones, wallets or garage openers.By the time you read this winter will be slowly making an exit and many of you will be dusting off your rides, checking the oil and charging the batteries. But that doesn't mean the cold riding days are over with. The autumn months can still produce some cold mornings. Sure you could layer up underneath the gear you normally wear the rest of the year, but that can get bulky fast and still leave you cold.

Though it's making a name for itself in the racing and stunt scene, Shift is also dabbling in the touring/waterproof side of the sport with a few offerings. This Triton SS Waterproof jacket is the company's premier three-season jacket. Constructed from 600Denier fabric with ballistic nylon reinforcement, the Triton is tough and durable. It's a full length articulated jacket that extends just below the waist to help prevent cold air from coming up the backside. Safety features include CE approved shoulder and elbow protection. A waterproof midliner stops the elements from reaching the body and a full length liner is removable for washing and provides some warmth on cool rides. Adjustable straps on the arms and waist provide a custom fit for a number of body styles.

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