Dampening the sound

The new hook and loop call by Hunter's Specialties gives you the option of choosing among ceramic, slate and starfire crystal calling surfaces. The outer ring keeps your fingers off the calling surface to prevent dampening the sound. The Ring Zone's resonating surface is increased by 200 percent, compared to pan calls.

The 360-degree field of view Undercover Smart Air Blind by Gorilla Gear will make sure a big tom doesn't sneak up on you from behind. It contains 11 windows with silent hook and loop closures, providing plenty of shooting opportunities. The blind weighs 24 pounds, has base dimensions of 64 by 64 inches and is a full 72 inches tall. The new 3-D Spur by Ameristep is the ultimate in concealment panel blinds. Weighing just two pounds, it is 96 inches long by 27 inches tall, giving hunters plenty of freedom of movement and mobility.

The Cut and Run Mobile Ground Blind from Rhino Laboratories weighs just seven pounds and can be set up and taken down in seconds. Like other Rhino blinds, it boasts Silent Window Technology and has five windows per panel, giving the hunter the option of setting up on the ground or on a stool. The blind can be opened to a full 108 inches or made as narrow as hunting conditions will allow.

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